Blue Dragon Asia Limited has published seven practical legal manuals:

  1. D M A Hubbard Hong Kong Contract Law Case Summaries
  2. M McConville, D M A Hubbard Hong Kong Law of Evidence
  3. D M A Hubbard Hong Kong Employment Law
  4. M J Fisher The Legal System of Hong Kong
  5. S Gallagher The Law of Equity and Trusts in Hong Kong
  6. C Sun, V Xue Insider's View: Dialogues on Intellectual Property in China
  7. M McConville, D M A Hubbard, A McInnis Hong Kong Law of Evidence (2nd Edition 2014)

Our publications have been adopted as recommended or required reading at The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and the courses in the Postgraducate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

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HONG KONG LAW OF EVIDENCE (2nd Edition 2014)

Title: Hong Kong Law of Evidence (2nd Edition 2014)
ISBN: 978-988-18250-3-2
Author: Mike McConville, Dmitri M A Hubbard, Arthur McInnis
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 539 pages
Price: HKD700.00

This book sets out the main principles of the law of evidence in Hong Kong with special emphasis on criminal cases. While there remains considerable dependence upon the common law decision of the courts in England and Wales, as the text will demonstrate, uncritical reliance on these decisions would be a serious mistake. Hong Kong has taken its own path, in many instances drawing upon jurisprudence from other countries. The book covers all the major topics in the law of evidence. The authors have sought to alert the reader to relevant legal material in other jurisdictions and to the writings of commentators and significant empirical research which provides a richer context within which the rules of evidence are set. The rules are subject to critical scrutiny at all points.


Fifteen chapters including tables and index:
  1. The law of evidence
  2. Burden and standard of proof
  3. Presumptions, judicial notice, formal admissions
  4. Admissions and confessions
  5. Evidence obtained unlawfully or unfairly
  6. Witnesses - competence, compellability, defendants
  7. Similar fact evidence
  8. Spouses, children and other vulnerable witnesses
  9. Identification evidence
  10. The rule against hearsay
  11. Opinion / expert evidence
  12. Issues that arise at trial
  13. Documentary and real evidence
  14. Disclosure, public interest immunity and privilege
  15. Electronic discovery and computer forensics


Title: The Legal System of Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-18250-4-9
Author: Michael J Fisher
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 294 pages
Price: HKD480.00

The intended readership of this book comprises those law students seeking a broad grasp of the legal system in Hong Kong. This book intended to do more than merely meet the minimum content requirements for the Hong Kong conversion examinations. It is also an excellent starting point for any local law student.


Fourteen chapters including tables and index:
  1. The development of the Hong Kong legal system 1842-1997
  2. Sources of Hong Kong law
  3. Divisions of law
  4. The Hong Kong court system
  5. Legislation & statutory interpretation
  6. Judicial precedent & the Stare Decisis doctrine
  7. The Hong Kong professional judiciary
  8. The Hong Kong legal profession
  9. Lay participation in the Hong Kong legal process
  10. Legal aid & advice in Hong Kong
  11. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Hong Kong
  12. The HKSAR & PRC legal systems: A comparative overview
  13. Interface between the HKSAR & PRC legal systems
  14. An introduction of HK legal research: sources & skills


Title: The Law of Equity & Trusts in Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-18250-7-0
Author: Steven Gallagher
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 320 pages
Price: HKD500.00

This book provides an introduction to the law of equity in Hong Kong in an accessible and readable way, and show that equity in Hong Kong has developed over the last century into a topic worthy of consideration on its own.


Sixteen chapters including tables and index:
  1. What is Equity?
  2. Maxims and doctrines
  3. Defences and remedies
  4. What is a Trust?
  5. Creating an express trust
  6. The three certainties
  7. The beneficiary principle: Trusts of imperfect obligation and unincorporated associations
  8. Charitable trusts
  9. Constitution
  10. Secret trusts and mutual wills
  11. Implied trusts: Resulting and constructive trusts
  12. Equity and the family home
  13. Trustees
  14. The fiduciary and fiduciary Duties
  15. Tracing
  16. Liability of strangers


Title: Insider's View Dialogues on Intellectual Property in China
ISBN: 978-988-18250-6-3
Author: Catherine Sun, Victor Xue
Binding: Softback
Extent: 152 pages
Price: HKD500.00

"......This report will enable more foreign friends to understand what has been done in China in terms of IP protection and the efforts people in China have put on for the past 20-30 years......" - by Professor Chen Meizhang


Fifteen chapters including interviews:
  1. Meizhang Chen
  2. Ruichun Duan
  3. Shen Rengan: The Inside View of Enforcement in China
  4. Qing Huang
  5. Judge Kong Xiangjun
  6. Judge Cheng Yongshun: Patent Litigation takes dramatic step forward
  7. Judge Xu Jianchu: Rules of Engagement for IP Litigation
  8. Guangliang Zhang
  9. Yang Meng
  10. Zhi Yang
  11. Alex An
  12. Li Jianjun
  13. Li Fushan
  14. Hot IP Cases of China 2009-2010
  15. Hot IP Issues in China 2009-2010


Title: Hong Kong Employment Law
ISBN: 978-988-18250-0-1
Author: Dmitri M A Hubbard
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 552 pages
Price: HKD650.00

This book aims to give the reader a detailed understanding of how the Hong Kong courts have tackled all the major issues of employment law including:

  • Who is entitled to employment benefits and protection?
  • What can an employer do and not do regarding specific employment arrangements and processes with employees?
  • What is the scope of implied terms on employers and employees not expressed in the employment contract?
  • What is the effect of the discrimination protections on employee rights and employer policy?
  • When is the employer liable for the conduct of the employee?
  • What restrictions can an employer place on an employee during and after the employment?


Seventeen chapters including tables and index:
  1. Hong Kong employment law and practice
  2. Who is an employee?
  3. Who is in continuous employment?
  4. The Labour Tribunal and other forums
  5. Trade unions and industrial relations
  6. Leave and holidays
  7. Wages and payroll
  8. Termination
  9. Long service, severance and employment protection
  10. Implied duties of the employer
  11. Implied duties of the employee
  12. Restrictive covenants and garden leave
  13. Vicarious liability
  14. Employees' compensation
  15. Discrimination
  16. Employment agencies
  17. Agency law


Title: Hong Kong Contract Law Case Summaries
ISBN: 978-988-18250-1-8
Author: Dmitri M A Hubbard
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 220 pages
Price: HKD350.00

" will grow to become the trusted companion of several generations of law students and practitioners......" - Justice Michael Hartmann, Hong Kong Court of Appeal


300 alphabetically arranged cases with a brief discussion of the facts, major contract law issues, views of the judges in the court decision, quotations, and policy impact or Hong Kong specific points of note.