1. The Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Blue Dragon has experience in advising on all stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.

  • Information Governance
  • Identification
  • Data preservation
  • Data collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Review
  • Data Analysis
  • Production
  • Presentation

    • Thanks to www.EDRM.net

    2. Practical Guidance

    The point about the EDRM is that it presents a flexible model for what in practice is essentially an iterative process which may involve some degree of triage, followed by another phase of collection and filtering. The model although initially designed for litigations has some relevance to other scenarios such as investigations, data breach, cyber attack, commercial crime, arbitrations.

    Date Created: 1 June 2017   |   Date Modified: 28 December 2017   |  Author: Dmitri M A Hubbard