1. Drafting and policy advisory

Blue Dragon routinely drafts documents or advises on corporate strategy.

  • Contract preparation
  • Jurisdictional strategy
  • Arbitration strategy
  • Compliance
  • Practical issues with compliance
  • Technological audits
  • Personnel related drafting
  • Policies and procedures

  • 2. Case studies

    A technology client wanted to manufacture cutting edge hardware extensions for mobile phones in China. We helped advise on the corporate structure, negotiations and arrangements to ensure our clientís IP interests were protected through structures and contracts across HK, China and other parts of the world.

    A Fintech client wished to protect interests in China and HK businesses through arrangements which would be in compliance with the China Cybersecurity law. We advised on legal and practical steps to ensure compliance and safeguard clientís interests in the case. We also helped structure contracts and arbitral choices.

    A Fintech client wished to localise contracts for various jurisdictions in Asia to attract top talents while protecting company interests. We coordinated the work and explained the changes.