Company Secretarial Services

Blue Dragon offers a full range of HR and company secretarial services, including:

  • Company incorporation
  • Opening of Bank account
  • Advisory and appointment of auditor
  • Registration of business address
  • Payroll Outsourcing services
  • Tax reporting
  • Document drafting
  • Annual Return

  • Case studies

    A Mainland Chinese company needed assistance with arrangements in Hong Kong and we helped them overcome difficulties with banks and auditors to enable them to establish a Hong Kong entity, including bank account opening, appointment of auditor, translation services.

    Practical Guidance

    Company name The company name must be approved before you can proceed with the incorporation of a Hong Kong company.

    Directors A minimum of one individual director and unlimited maximum number of directors allowed.

    Shareholders A Hong Kong private limited company can have a minimum of 1 and maximum of 50 shareholders.

    Company Secretary Appointing a company secretary is mandatory. Blue Dragon can be the appointed company secretary if required.

    Share Capital Although there is no minimum share capital requirement, the general norm for companies incorporated in Hong Kong is to have at least one shareholder with one ordinary share issued on their formation.

    Registered Address In order to register a Hong Kong company, you must provide a local Hong Kong address as the registered address of the company. The registered address must be a physical address and cannot be a PO Box. Blue Dragon can provide a registered address for your company.

    Public Information Information about company officers such as directors, shareholders and company secretary is public information as per Hong Kong Company Laws. You must to file details of the company officers with the Hong Kong Registrar of Companies.

    Ongoing Compliance Companies must prepare and maintain accounts. Accounts must be audited annually by Certified Public Accountants in Hong Kong.


    • To set up a Hong Kong limited liability company, normally the following documents will be required:

    • A copy of the Articles of Association for the company. Blue Dragon has a standard document available.
    • A duly completed incorporation form that includes the following:
    • 1. Company name
    • 2. Registered address
    • 3. Brief description of business activities
    • 4. Particulars of shareholders, directors and company secretary
    • 5. Liability of members
    • 6. Share capital registered on incorporation
    • 7. Number of shares taken up by subscribers

    For non-resident shareholders and directors:

  • Copy of passport, overseas residential address proof

  • For resident shareholders and directors:

  • Copy of Hong Kong identity card

  • Copy of residential address proof

    For corporate shareholders and directors:

  • Copy of parent company registration documents such as Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association

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