Affidavits and Reporting

Blue Dragon personnel have often been involved in the drafting of affidavits and reports as formal records of proceedings, chain of custody, contemporaneous record, and so forth. An affidavit or affirmation is a commonly used form to introduce written evidence in civil courts.

Hong Kong Practice Direction 10.1 discusses protocols for affidavit evidence in Hong Kong.

Personal knowledge of the matters in the affidavit is generally a requirement in Hong Kong, so we ensure the person making the affidavit has correctly supervised the activities.

Case studies

Blue Dragon personnel involved in contemporaneous records of meetings and call notes as a contingency for later litigation over the content of those conversations.

Blue Dragon personnel involved in forensic collection, analysis, filtering, processing, keyword search and production of data for a regulatory investigation.

Blue Dragon personnel involved in statement about behaviour on a computer, including deletion activity.