Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Hong Kong Has a long-standing law on personal data privacy, first enacted in 1996. The law enshrines six key data privacy principles. Our firm assists companies who are under investigation for breach of the PDPO or wish to ensure compliance with the data privacy principles.

  • Principle 1 purpose and manner of collection of personal data
  • Principle 2 accuracy and duration of retention of personal data
  • Principle 3 use of personal data
  • Principle 4 security of personal data
  • Principle 5 information to be generally available
  • Principle 6 access to personal data

Blue Dragon often consults on cases involving a breach of one or more of the above privacy principles, during an investigation by the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data. We have extensive experience at answering regulatory questions around breach, remediation, causes, apologies to affected parties and general investigation.